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High quality marine spraying

If you need marine spraying in Essex, London and across the South East, you can rely on Spray Insulations. Feel free to contact a member of our team to discuss your needs. 

Ideal for marine applications

Spray insulation is ideally suited for a variety of marine applications. Besides providing insulation, it also controls and stabilises condensation. It also lessens noise due to vibrations. It needs only minimal thickness to achieve the needed levels of insulation, and can thus give you more space. We apply our insulation in liquid form. This quickly expands to form a continuous and watertight membrane.

ship spraying

Benefits of marine spraying:

  • A warmer boat in the winter and a cooler one in summer
  • The elimination and prevention of condensation
  • Insulation with only a thin coating
  • No cutting or fixing required – foam adheres directly to the surface
  • Reduced external and vibration noise
  • Compatibility with electrical wiring and plumbing
Take a look at some recent projects.
electrical wiring in the boats

Guaranteed work

Our services are used by some of the biggest brands and companies throughout the UK. In fact, our growth has mainly been due to recommendations by satisfied customers. Spray Insulations are based in Chelmsford but we cover London, Essex and the South East. 

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