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If you’re looking for a company that does quality spray foam insulation, you can depend on Spray Insulations. Feel free to contact a member of our team to discuss your needs.

All your questions answered

You can find answers to all your questions about our spray foam insulation services here. At Spray Insulations, we do commercial, domestic and marine spraying. We have a solid reputation for the quality of our service and for our expert craftsmanship. In fact, our business has grown mainly due to recommendations from satisfied customers. You can look forward to a first-class experience when you choose us.

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Does spray insulation pose a fire risk?

No. Spray foam insulation provides far less fire risk than the wooden elements in the roof. The system has been tested to British Standards and certified as a Class 1 fire rating, meaning that the foam is effective in resisting the spread of flames.

How ‘green’ is spray foam insulation?

It saves you energy by keeping your home warmer and can reduce your energy bills by up to 25%, which is good for you, the environment and your budgeting. 

What happens if a tile breaks on my roof after insulation has been applied?

After the installation of spray foam, your roof is bonded together into a continuous structure. This greatly reduces the chance of tiles breaking from impact damage and so on. However, should a tile break, it can be removed and replaced in the future; it just takes a little more effort than normal. We recommend cutting out the foam from the area of the tile and removing the tile from the outside, after replacement, the tile can be sprayed back in place with foam.

What insulation values can be achieved?

Spray foam insulation can offer virtually any insulation value required. Simply by altering the depth of the foam you can achieve as little or as much insulation as you require. As a rough guide, foam insulation offers around twice the insulation values of mineral wool. A roof without felt can be insulated to current building regulations for loft conversions with around 100mm of foam insulation on the roof alone.

Will spray foam cause my timbers to rot?

No. Sprayed foam insulation has the same ‘breathability’ as hard wood and so does not cause timbers to rot. In fact, as foam insulation reduces the chance of surface and interstitial condensation, your timber should have a prolonged life. If timbers are already damp, or have some form of rot or woodworm, they should be treated and allowed to dry before foam is applied. This allows the foam insulation to adhere to the surface correctly, thus ensuring a fully maintained layer of insulation.
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Why are we known as
foam insulation experts?

The company director Mr. Leo Bates has been carrying our installs for over 10 years and is highly recommended both by trade and domestic customers across the UK. As the founder of the original Spray Insulation company, Leo has taken strict measures to remain ahead of the competition, with regards to training, technology, safety and service measures.

Having contracted for leading companies across the UK and being at the forefront of this industry, Leo has made sure all team members have been trained by him personally. This includes working closely alongside Edu Chem, to further the company’s knowledge and experience.

Today Spray Insulations retains this focus on quality and service, finding most of the company’s new enquiries coming through recommendations from happy customers – so we understand feeling safe about your investment is of absolute importance. This is also the reason we are one of the few insulation companies out there that are able to offer a lifetime guarantee with the work we carry out – making customers, whatever the project, feel safe and secure.

What technology do you use?

Spray Insulations uses the most effective form of loft insulation available today, using their close links with Edu Chem to keep up to date with the latest safe chemical methods and training possible. The Polyurethane (chemical we use to seal all those nasty drafts) has a 95% closed cell construction making it far more efficient than fibreglass, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer – saving you lots of money on your bills!

Will spray insulation really save me money?

“Increasing the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of a property by one or two bands can raise its value by 14% on average” - Department of Energy & Climate Change.

Different sectors served

At Spray Insulations, we provide our services across domestic, commercial and marine sectors. We are one of the nation’s most trusted leaders in professional insulation and provide a quality experience every time. We offer our services in and around Chelmsford, Colchester, Cambridge and throughout North West London. Contact a member of our team for more information. 

“After having our fourth child, we thought we would have to put our house up for Sale. We then got recommended to Spray Insulations to create a warm and useable space. We are now not only saving on our monthly bills, but we have an extra room for our eldest daughter. Highly recommend the team, service & price!”

—Debbie Hart, Ipswich
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